1z0-808 日本語資格取得 - 1Z0-479 日本語受験攻略

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Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-479 / 1Z0-479

Duration: 120 minutes

Associated Certifications:
OPN Certified Specialist
Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

Number of Questions:

Exam Product Version: Access Manager,

Passing Score: 60%

Exam Price: US$ 150

Validated Against:

This exam has been validated against 11g Release 2.


format: Multiple Choice



Recommended Training



    • Oracle Identity Federation: Overview - Self-Study Course



    • Oracle Entitlements Server 11g R2: Develop Secure Applications


Exam Study Guide (available to partners only)





Oracle Access Management Suite Plus fundamentals



    • Describe challenges faced by customers in the area of Access Management


    • Describe key features of Oracle Access Management Suite Plus


    • Describe product components of Oracle Access Management Suite Plus




Oracle Access Management Access Manager



    • Describe overall and runtime architecture for Access Manager


    • Describe the Single Sign-on and Logout process


    • Describe Session Management for Access Manager


    • Describe Policy Model, Application Domain, Host Identifier and Resources


    • Configure Authentication Methods (Basic Authorizations, x.509, LDAP, Kerberos)



Oracle Access Management Access Manager



    • Configure and administer Access Manager settings


    • Configure and manage Data Stores


    • Configure and manage Agents


    • Configure policies and manage authentication to protect applications and resources


    • Configure Detached Credential Collector



Oracle Access Management Security Token Service



    • Identify Propagation, Concepts and Usecases


    • Configure templates, endpoint, and policies


    • Configure partners and profiles



Oracle Access Management Identity Federation



    • Configure Identity Provider


    • Configure Service Provider


    • Configure Authentication Engine as Directory


    • Configure Authentication Scheme to a resource


    • Configure Federation DataStore



Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social




    • Configure applications for mobile single sign-on and enable Oracle Adaptive Access Manager security handler


    • Configure user profile service provider


    • Configure social login with social providers like Google


    • Configure OAM domain to use mobile and social logins



Identity Context



    • Describe Identity Context


    • Configure Identity Context Service components



Oracle Adaptive Access Manager



    • Describe Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, its business case and capabilities


    • Configure Policies - Static, Patterns and Predictive analysis


    • Configure application transactions


    • Configure basic integration with Access Manager


    • Configure advanced integration with Access Manager using Trusted Authentication Protocol (TAP)


    • Configure Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) and One Time Password (OTP)


    • Configure security handler for mobile application single sign-on



Oracle Entitlements Server



    • Describe Authorizations, Oracle Entitlements Server overview and architecture


    • Describe Policy modeling


    • Configure Policy administration and management


    • Manage Security Module and system configurations?


    • Configure and Manage Lifecycle Management for Applications and Policies






    • Describe troubleshooting approaches


    • Configure and set up High Availability


    • Configure Test to Production (T


    • Setup Enterprise Deployment


    • Describe Tuning and Capacity Planning



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試験科目:「Java SE 8 Programmer I」



問題と解答:全77問 1z0-808 日本語資格取得

>> 1z0-808 日本語資格取得



試験科目:「Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials」



問題と解答:全72問 1Z0-479 日本語受験攻略

>> 1Z0-479 日本語受験攻略



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